Analysis for Group D: Matchday 1?

France 2-0 England: In my original prediction, I said this would be a draw, which is a likely result since they're both great teams. However, England missing Barry, Lampard, Cahill, not calling Ferdinand & Crouch, and missing Rooney for the first two group games, I just can't see them taking a point vs a talented young upbeat French side that hasn't lost in 20 matches. Both teams are still pretty equal in defence and midfield, but French have better attackers & chemistry, plus Blanc has a huge edge over Hodgson. There's no way they can pull off such a failure like they did in World Cup 2010, its a different team and a different mentality. France will go up 2-0 before the half, with goals from Adil Rami (off a corner) & Benzema, then that will be the game and England will have to focus on Sweden and Ukraine (teams they can truly beat).

Ukraine 1-0 Sweden: Poland didn't have such a good opening game as the hosts, but I think it will be a little different for Ukraine. Both teams have some new faces that didn't participate in the last big tournament for each team. However, Sweden has a slight advantage in almost all positions on the pitch, plus better health since many Ukraine players are recovering from a stomach virus from earlier this week. I think, however, the home crowd will be stronger for Ukraine, since it will be their first Euro and Sweden's last Euro didn't end well. I think if Ukraine's defence (without Chygrynskiy) shut down Ibrahimovic (like Germany kinda did with Cristiano), then it will be easier for them to win the match. Shevchenko to score late in the first half.

agree or disagree?

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    France 2-1 England. I think the French will win this with relative ease. As you pointed out--quite rightfully--the Brits are missing a bunch of key players (including Defoe)...and that is going to be detrimental to them vs. the French. I expect goals from Ribery, Benzema, and Gerrard. Also, I am counting on Ribery and Evra to win me some points in the fantasy league so I can top you in Y!A Crew fantasy league :D

    Ukraine 1-1 Sweden: I think that as the co-hosts, Ukraine will play an inspired game and take an early lead. However, I believe that Sweden have a better team overall and they will show character and draw the match before halftime. I am betting on a boring second half. God bless America!

  • 9 years ago

    France 2-1 England

    England is just hammered by injuries, and France is on a roll. England could be a dark horse (which is a compliment and an insult at the same time), but I just don't see them giving France much competition.

    Ukraine 0-1 Sweden

    Ukraine can definently improve their chances by shutting down Ibrahimovic, but they don't have a sufficient enough defense to do that. I think they'll pull it out somehow

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    4 years ago

    Spain 2-1 Croatia i know plenty of peeps are predicting a Spain blowout, however Croatia is best than given credit for. They may be a much more bodily crew than Spain, however the essential concern would be getting the ball faraway from Spain. I predict that Silva and Fabregas score for Spain even as Torres goes again to failing, whilst Mandzurich or something the hell the man's name is ratings for Croatia Italy three-zero ireland Sorry eire, you are group is typically the worst within the event. Italy will come out watching to attain seeing how handy it's to place up goals against the Irish. Pirlo will rating two and Di Natale will rating the 1/3 Italy intention and Balotelli performs little or no if at all. Team C ultimate Standings: Spain- 7 aspects Italy- 5 features Croatia- 4 aspects eire- 0 points

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    9 years ago

    Although France struggled under Raymond Domonic they have performed better since his departure. I think they have a good a shot at beating England.

    I say Sweden and Ukraine are evenly matched. I will go with a 1-1 draw.

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  • 9 years ago


    Prob France 3 - 0 England.

  • 9 years ago

    Funny thing is France are gearing up to take the Euros by storm, which few people anticipated. They're certainly in form and my money is on Ribery and Benzema to continue to deliver. Cabaye needs to improve a bit, and hopefully Ben Arfa can work some magic from the wing like he does for Newcastle.

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