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What are some good freeware games?

I'm not asking "where can I download games for free". I don't want anything illegal.

I'd just like to know of some fun freeware games, (I already have facade), which can be downloaded to your computer to play offline. This means none of those "free to play" browser games.

Just trying to make a 15 hour trip a bit more enjoyable.

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    I've found some fun casual games recently. Magic Petals Fiesta and Magical Mysteries are absolutely free and safe. You can play them online or download to your computer to play offline.

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    4 years ago

    I are not able to say for sure so don't take this as your principal surefire answer, but I feel that as long as the content is legally free then the supply mostly does not topic. Nonetheless, torrenting is an handy way to become a malware haven, so if it is already free then i would recommend simply getting it from the legitimate source. This is probably not authentic if the enterprise has some special assertion about the place the content material comes from, though.

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    9 years ago

    Good free games here... If you want to download them just go to the bottom right corner and select download.

    another site.

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