Cant be my friend anymore wtf?

Okay so ive been friends with this girl since i was born, rite and our parents have been good but ovr the last few years her dad has been a lill weird and overly obbssed with religon and telling my dad what wrong and making my dad feel bad. so we havnt ben hanging out and i asked her to hang out a while back & she said she couldnt be my friend anymore becuase she "is a christian & has changed" and i got so mad cuz we always went to church together she was basically calling me not christian so i told her of & she messeged me saying she "repented". Whaat?? whats up with that maybe its her dad telling her crap and filling her mind with stuff wht am i supposed to do or think & whats repented mean??

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    9 years ago
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    Hi well look past all the religious crap and ask her does she want to be ur friend coz u value her friendship and if she is "Christian" then that means she is all forgiving in other words hold no animosity to friends etc otherwise she and her family are hypocrites and bigots ok

    Repent is to be sorry or regret ur actions OK ♥

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