Why are there not anymore original looking houses?

If you've noticed the newly built houses (In America) are the tan, drywall houses. AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! I understand maybe they do that to fit the needs for the climate, but does it harm to built some different, unique, COLORFUL houses anymore, where every house looks different on your street. Anyone notice that? Just a thought...

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  • 9 years ago
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    New neighborhoods are boring, ur right. A lot of subdivisions require you to conform to their ideas of what they think will make the subdv. most attractive, like the same material on the roof, only natural siding and you MUST have that special light fixture exactly x number of feet from the street. oh yeah, and u can't have ur garage door facing the street as this might bring down the neighborhood. I AM NOT BITTER! Just kidding, we were lucky we built before the conformists invaded. Yea for individuality. Oh yeah.. the reason???$$$$$$$ One design is cheaper than 20 and if u have one developer for the sub where is the motivation? They might have 3 or 4 designs , not much variety. Sorry it's so long.

  • 9 years ago

    you are a developer......you get a plan... you hire a bunch of builders... you give them the plan... they show the workers how to build it..... now, you cannot change things too much or the workers won't get anything right.... so they let them build all the houses in that developement the same .... maybe flipflopped , but still the same... measurements the same, foundations the same, where to put the drains, the same.... so no one has to THINK while they are hurrying up and building it.....

    I wouldn't be able to consider a house like all the others on the street.... it's just too 'copy cat' for me...but a great deal is a great deal, so I went for one....... our house started out like everyone else's ranch in our development... but it got a bump out kitchen and a bump UP second story and landscaping that isn't like anyone's...... it's different enough now....

  • 9 years ago

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