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How to get over a dead dog?

Hey :( My dog just died and I was wondering how do you get over it. he died like a week ago and Im still sad from it. I feel angry that I didnt give him what he deserved which is more Love. v.v I feel angry that I was the one that caused it for his death. (He got ran over by a car when he escaped from our fence) The story: I was watching TV when i let my dog ( Kevin ) out. (He's a German Shepherd) I heard him barking a few times and then he stopped barking. I didn't know my sister still had the fence door open so Our dog Ran out. I walked over to the backdoor to let him back him.

I called his name a few times and started walking back outside to see where he was. When i saw the door was Open I ran to it. I turned a corner and found Him Dead. Laying along the Road. I cried for days. :'(

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    you will move on but u will never get over it my dog died 2 years ago and im still mad at myself to this day i know i could of gave him a better life but i moved on got a new dog but i still think about him.


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    I am so sorry for your loss. Just try to remember the good times. Over time, the memory of him on the road will not be the first thing you think. You'll remember mushing his face or scratching his butt. I lost my boy 5 years ago under very similar circumstances and I still think about him everyday. Still cry sometimes. Images still flash sometimes. Middle of a random day I'll start punching the steering wheel, upset all over again. Though it has gotten easier. The first year I would have wonderful dreams only to wake and be as sad as when he was first taken from me. Now I can't wait to have those dreams of him being a stupid dog. I'll still cry, but the tears of sadness gradually turn to tears of joy because I'm still lucky enough to spend some time with him. I'm thankful for that even if it is only a dream. I don't think you can ever really get over something like that, but you find a way to live with it. Keep your head up and cry it out for as long as you need to. RIP Kevin

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    I hope you read this....please do not get another dog. Your not ready yet. You are still in grief & dogs know & sense this. It causes problems within the family & emotional issues for the dog. Give it a little time...death of a family member is hard. And, there is a chance you will carry a little heavyness in your heart for years to come. I was 15 when my family dog, me an only child, I picked out when I was 2. I looked at her & said "PUPPY LOVE" & that was her name from then on. She passed of old age & here it is 25 years later & I still miss her. I can now remember lots of good times growing up with her & it doesn't make me cry, but, I still miss her. In time your heart will heal & you will be ready for a pet. But, for now, just be good to yourself & give your heart & Kevin the love they really deserve & grieve. Take care.

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    Aww hun :'( sorry to say, you cant "get over" any death. That doesn't mean you cant get another dog. Its hard, I would know! I put down my american bulldog because of her cancer about a year and a half ago. There wont be a week passing by without you thinking of your dog. Just hope that Kevin has the time of his life in doggy heaven if believe in that.. RIP KEVIN RIP CHANSI

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    U poor thing, I would be devastated too. Take some time to let out all the sadness (like a few months) , and then when u think our ready u can get another dog. Make sure you've gotten over your German shepherd before getting another dog, so u won't feel like your replacing him.

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    It's always sad when your dog dies.It takes time to get over it but don't get another dog until you know you can gve it the time and care that it will need.Unfortunately accidents do happen so don't blame yourself too much.

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    Give yourself time to grieve Kevin. Getting a new pet right away isn't good for you or the new pet.

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    Best thing to do is to get another dog also sorry for your lost hope you feel better

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    nothing can replaced your pet not even getting another dog im so sorry for your loss

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    Its a freaking pet,get another one and move on.

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