Should I get the ps vita or repair my psp 3000?

I have a PSP 3000 that needs repair. I know that the psp is old and outdated. I also know that the vita is new but expensive. My psp 3000 needs repair because I wasnt thinking and put magnets near it, ruining half the screen. I also like the vita, though. Should I repair or should I buy the new vita? Help please.

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  • Austin
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    9 years ago
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    Get the Vita, if the PSP still had a lot of support i'd say get it fixed, but no new games are going to be made for it within the next year or so.

    Even if there are still PSP games you want to play you can get them for the Vita also.

  • 9 years ago

    get the vita my friend even i have one and they are so much fun here are the games i recommend for you to play:

    mortal kombat vita

    ultimate street fighter vs capcom

    rayman origins

    uncharted: golden abyss


    little big planet

    resistance:burning skies

    metal gear solid hd collection

    assasins creed III

    ninja giaden

    wipe out 2043

    madden nfl 13

    unit 13

    silent hill

    little diviants

    but there is one thing though psvita uses propriatery memory card so here are the prices

    4gb 20.00$

    8gb 30.00$

    16gb 60.00$

    32gb 100.00$

    i forgot to mention it has agumented reality which means get a an ar card place it on a book and press the button they tell you to press and your playing on your book sony just mindfuked us with that lol it also has 2 cameras almost ps3 graphics remote play(laggy patch in development) crossplay(patch in development) apps like facebook foursquare skype youtube(coming soon)

    its also touch screen and touch pad is in the back of the vita oh and it has to analog sticks and if you already own a ps3 it has content manager which allows you to share your data via ps3 or pc

    one more thing the browser on the vita is the same one on the ps3 enjoy!

    have a nice day happy gaming :)

    Source(s): sony.ign,friends(mainly my sister yea i know im sad lol),youtube, and my brain
  • 9 years ago

    Get the Vita it's really good same with the games. There's so much you can do in the Vita, I can't explain it all.

  • 9 years ago

    I would replace it, the screen can costs as little as $17 on ebay and replacing it is the easiest thing you can do. Youtube has tutorials on how to replace it.

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