(Very Short) Can I still get this girl?

Long story short, this one girl Kayla I work with liked me about 2 months ago. I wasnt really all that interested in her so I sorta played dumb like I didnt know she liked me. Then after she quit liking me is when I started to like her and im all about her now, I dont ever recall being this interested in a girl.

Now though she has this thing for my buddy Mike. He really isnt super into her like me, but he has a little something (his words) for her. I confessed to him that I am 100% into her and he basically told me he will cut the hole thing off so I can do what I need to do.

Even though he is giving me the okay, is this the right thing to do. I mean its going to be next to impossible to not try for her with the way I feel about her.

And how do I go about this with her after I didnt show any interest in her back when she was chasing me? How do I get a second chance?

Also I dont feel that I screwed up in the first place when she liked me because I didnt like her, and the last thing I would want to do to any girl is lead them on and give them false hope. And yes, I would have started to like her if I would have just went along with her liking me and all that, but I wasnt certain so I wasnt going to chance it and crush the poor girls feelings, even though it didnt happen, I couldnt risk it

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you could still get her even if she still likes mike, but don't pour your heart out to her.

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