guy problems mature ppl please?

ok so my bestfriend likes me and i kinda have a crush on him but then i met these 2 guys and they are really amazing and funny and really nice and i am really torn and havebeen thinking about this 4 days its starting to make me worry and i like all 3 but i dont wanna make a mistake


i told my bestfriend that i didnt want the break up if we do break up to ruin our friendship and ever since then we have been kinda awkward around eachother

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just wait and see who sticks around. You don't have to be committed to anyone yet so don't worry and just have fun. Pratice flirting with them and be chill. Also ask yourself are you willing yo lose your friendship with your bestfriend if things don't work out,

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    It sounds as though he's dropping interest in you. i will not be able to declare whether he has cheated on you or not whether it does sound like he's at severe threat of a minimum of doing so interior the close to destiny. What has replaced? Is your dating having problems? Did your actual visual attraction replace dramatically? Does he view you diverse now there's a baby? Are you prepared to fulfill his sexual needs or types? in case you may get an basic answer as to the reason in the back of his waning interest in you sexually and his clarification for wanting to have yet another woman interior the mattress room you're waiting to paintings on fixing the challenge. If he won't answer surely although, there is little wish.

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