Wedding gift ideas for a sister?

my sister is getting married here on long island but lives in colorado. i want to get her a nice gift instead of just giving money. she didnt have a bachelorette party. would it be inappropriate to buy her a victorias secret gift card and various sex toys. i dont think they are going on a honeymoon either so i want them to atleast make time for enjoying the wedding night. I havnt dont this before so idk if thats ok to do, yes or no and if no please give me other ideas thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 9 years ago

    That is nice that you want to give her a wedding shower present.

    But even for a sister, I think sex toys are a bit much, and you don't want someone at the airport opening her suitcase and seeing those. Not if you are the giver.

    A gift card to Victoria's secret is fine, especially since she is getting back on a plane to go home and won't be able to carry a lot of stuff. Or get her a long slinky romantic nightgown or penoir set. The Secret might send it out for you to her home, just ask them. Think old Hollywood, the 1930-1940s. If it has strategic holes cut in it, or is all see thru or lace, that is not what I mean. She will open her gift, then he will get to unwrap his gift, get it? Think white or black or a pretty pastel color, unless red is her favorite color, save that for Valentine's day.

    Another idea is to get her something cute. You know her personal tastes, what does she wear to bed? Perhaps some cute bed shorts and a matching t-shirt. All frilly feminine or maybe her favorite sports team or cartoon character. Or maybe some long flannel pants and matching shirt.

    I was on the Disney website yesterday, they had all kinds of character sleepwear and slippers to match.

    Have a nice terry cloth robe sent out to her. If you meant to give it to her personally, find a picture of one online, and wrap it up, and tell her she has it coming when she get home.

    I would tell you to make a romantic gift for her, some bubble bath from someplace like Body and Bath, a matching candle, some bath accessories like a shower net and scented soaps. But unless you can get it sent out to her, that would be too heavy to carry back.

    Since this is her shower present, something cutesy would be fine.

  • 9 years ago

    Instead of toys maybe some stuff like a gift basket with candles, oils, etc ...the giftcard would still be nice though and I am sure her FH would appreciate that as well

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The gift must be of her choice what she will to have if she is having interest in mobiles or gadgets than get her the best cell phone and if she is having interest in jewellery get her a nice and beautiful chain with beautiful pendent...... or think smart diamond ring

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  • 9 years ago

    well I think its better to give something which will be in her heart foreva.. but I think we can't suggest such a thing for you.. Just think about the times you lived with her, some memorable incidents happened between you two (ex: you breaking her best toy or something like that <- if so you can present her the same toy and it will make your sis so emotional)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A styling iron isn't a bad idea, especially if she cares about how she looks. I suggest the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Styling Iron it has pure ceramic tourmaline plates that heat up to 460F and help condition hair to keep it healthy and silky.

    More gift ideas here:

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