Is it appropriate to quit my job?

I'm currently working at Levi's, I've been working there for maybe a month or two but I'm terrible at what they ask me to do. I don't know why I just don't feel like I'm doing very good. Also, they don't give me any hours really, only 8 a week when I'd like to be working near 20-24. I don't necessarily like the managers and co-workers but I don't hate them either. I want to quit but I don't know if that would be the best choice and I don't know if it'd be very professional of me. Let me know if either I should quit or what I should do instead.

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    It depends upon your financial needs.

    If you can afford to be unemployed while you look for another job, then fine. Remember 8 hours is better than no hours though.

    You also need to consider how it will look on your resume or in an interview that you were there such a short time. They will ask you why you quit. If you need work, I would consider looking for another job while you are still there and just tell them you are looking for something with more hours. It should be easy, because part-time is a lot easier to find than full time.

    Any job you have is good for your resume, and being terrible at what they ask you to do, well you get used to a job after you've been there awhile. And if it's your first job, which you didn't say if it is or not, you have nothing else to compare it to. I can say my current job sucks, because I've been at other jobs and I know they suck less. You may not have this experience to compare it to or know if your job is REALLY that bad.

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    4 years ago

    make sparkling to them which you have been provided yet yet another threat it relatively is larger placing as much as you profession objectives. That the various place calls so which you could start up up with out placed off and regrettably you on the instantaneous at the instant are unable to grant a 2 week word (yet do attempt to end out the week if conceivable). Be expert and thank them for the possibility as you could savor an analogous from somebody else in a on an identical time as in case you become a supervisor.

  • 9 years ago

    I think you should quit. You could ask for more hours or a raise or something but, it is not likely that they will accept. It would be best to find a new job and move on.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If your truley unhappy with your job put in your two weeks and look for another one if you need the money start looking for a Job once your able to work there put in a week or two notice

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