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how can i convince my parents to STOP making me eat junk?!!??! please answer?

my family is naturally very skinny

they can eat and they won't put on the pounds

me on the other hand i got the curvy genes and the slow metabolism

i am not fat but i am not fit either i am 5'5 and i weigh 135 pounds

i am REALLY really trying to stay on a healthy diet but they will have pizza nights or eat really late or buy cake and they will force me to eat like they literally keep on saying come eat it come eat itt until i give in they don't freaking understand how hard it is for me to lose the weight and how much of a struggle it is already for me not to give in and eat junk food on mine

i feel like i am losing my mind and they seriously don't understand no matter how many times i tell them i am trying to lose weight and to stop telling me what to eat



i have reached a point where i feel like i should just not eat anything for a couple of days to prove my point to them

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    ok lady first thing you should know is that even at 135 your not in a bad wieght class. Now to handle your parents can be sometimes tricky because they have the "we know best do what we say" dna in them but it helps them understand if you demonstrate instead of mutter yell or give in. For example im a chef and i struggled with my weight and now just got it under control and i have a big meals every day family. Instead of eating their food i made my own, if they ordered nasty pizza from a fatty place i made home made pizza with healthy ingredients. if they mad me eat to much i worked out right after that meal to burn alot of that fat and calories, and if they insisted i eat cake i did...carrot cake is alot healthier than you could imagine :) point is if you cant get through to them go around them and do it in a way you'll feel good about and eventually they'll leave you be or even join you once in awhile

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    Show them everything you just wrote. Maybe then they'll understand.

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    you don't have to eat it.

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