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Will a Pal ps3 which has 220v work in USA in 110v outlet?

I've heard the ps3 has a universal power supply but I wanted to make sure, also I plan on buying the scarlet red ps3 which is exclusive to the uk so does it still have a universal power supply? Sorry if that's a stupid question, i just want be extra prepared! And with an hdmi cord and an HDTV, will the pal system still work on my NTSC HDTV? Please let me know of any problems that may occur. Thank you


Also I have a 2 prong USA cord that will fit in the ps3 to plug it into the outlet, does the ps3 require a power brick of any sort? It looks like it can plug straight into the ps3 slim.

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    is your tv PAL/NTSC compatible due to if it isnt you will be playing your games in black & white unless you get a pal-ntcs converter which can be expensive

    also the uk ps3 plays region 2 dvd and region B blu-rays while in USA the dvd's are region 1 and the blu-rays are region A so you wont be able to watch films on the uk ps3

    and you will need a power converter also,,

    too much hassle

    i would get a ps3 in the states and get a red chrome mirror skin and put it on top,, something like this in the link

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