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Wondering if my girlfriend could get pregnant?

We had unprotected sex together early this morning. I did not finish though. We are both still worried that she could get pregnant... We've heard stories about precum and everything . We want to take the morning after pill for reassurance. What would be the chances that shed get pregnant with plan-B medication? Also we are of age and very serious of our relationship. Neither of us are ready to have kids...

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    Well, chances of her getting pregnant are very low depending on where shes at in her cycle, and considering you didnt finish. If you are worried i would definitely get the plan B just to be safe. I think thats pretty much as close to a guarantee as you can get. Next time use protection! :)

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    What you need to know for having a baby or evading pregnancy:

    1. The most fertile period is 2 weeks just after menstruation

    2. Pregnancy can take place with or without "taking out", positions, etc...

    3. A laid back and relaxed attitude improves the probability

    4. Recreational illegal drugs and alcohol can lessen the possibility

    5. The healthier your daily diet the higher the chance

    good luck

    Source(s): my personal experience
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    Even if she was ovulating, if you pulled out properly the chances of you being pregnant is like 0- don't worry.

    Keep this fear as a reminder to use birth control next time.

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    ive never heard of plan b failing pretty sure its 100%

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