Dota 2 Beta installer?

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I have a DOTA 2 beta key but i cant find an installer or where to put the key anywhere.... please help

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  • answered 2 years ago
    You just need to download the STEAM client.
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  • answered 2 years ago
    Just install the steam from
    click on the green button above , the try to install it.
    try to update or you must create your own steam account ,
    update until finished , then when steam account appears , look at the left bottom , and click add from code , enter your code and you have dota 2 at your library , try to download ( approximately 7 GB )
    and update the dota 2 ,
    hope this answer can help you and i prove it 100% TRUE , and dont forget mark my answer is the correct one / or best answer , if you want to play with me at dota 2 , replay your steam id , i will add you soon =)
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  • answered 2 years ago
    You have to install steam on to your PC (just search steam in google, will pop right up). Then find dota 2 and you should be good from these directions GL.


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