Is it free to delete a yahoo e-mail address and if so how?

Please just give me an easy to understand answer!

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  • 9 years ago
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    You can remove a Yahoo email address immediately by closing the associated Yahoo ID account. There is no service charge for this process.

    1) Read the info shown on this page "How to close your Yahoo! account":

    2) Once you are certain that you wish to close your account, go to the "Account Termination page":

    Note that once the Yahoo account is closed, all emails, data & personalizations stored with the associated Yahoo ID will be removed permanently. Emails sent to your account will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable.


    Alternatively, you can let Yahoo deactivate your account by choosing not to log in at all. Dormant (ie. non-accessed) accounts would be automatically deleted after an interval of 6 months, plus an additional 2 months for every year the account has been held by the user. In the meantime, emails sent to the dormant account will remain unread in the inbox.

    * Will my account ever be deleted or deactivated?

    Whichever method you choose, do remember that a deleted email account does not mean that the associated email address will disappear from the internet with immediate effect. The now-invalid email address might still be available at certain websites or cached by search engines -- particularly if you had publicly used the said email address in forums, mailing lists, online forms, etc. on previous occasions.

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    4 years ago

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    9 years ago

    Yes it is free to delete it

    try this

    You need to be signed

    in to the account if you wish to delete it.

    click on this link to do it.

    good luck

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