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What is euro in soccer?

Is it like a big tournament I keep hearing about it on ESPN (sorry I don't follow soccer I'm a american football fan )

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    A competition of all the best football (soccer) nations in Europe. It's common belief that Europe host the best footballing countries on the planet, so it's a rather large tournament. The only teams not involved are obviously the big South American sides such as Brazil, Argentina etc.

    Kind of like a World Cup, but a step under. Still a big competition though.

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    the "euro" is the Euro 2012 Finals tournament is a 16 team soccer tournament where 16 teams (representing 16 European countries that have qualified for the tournament) compete for the title of being the best European nation at soccer.

    Right now it is the group stage, where the 16 teams are divided into 4 groups of 4 and each team plays each other once (3 games). A win equals 3 points, an even scoreline is 1 point, and a loss is 0 points. The 2 teams with the most points in each group moves on to the next round

    the next round is a basic, 1-game knockout tournament with brackets, with Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and the Final tournament. the winner gets the prestige of being better than everyone else.

    it happens every 4 years and 2 years after each World Cup (like the Summer & Winter Olympics)

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    It's a tournament that is held every 4 years by UEFA. There are 16 European teams compete in this tournament. It is considered as the second best football tournament for national teams (after the World Cup)

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    The euro is the most important event this summer. Besides the olyimpics. It consist of ONLY european nations which play a football tournament. But you don't have to be european to enjoy the euro12. Choose a nation and join the fun. Seeing as you are american I would think u would choose england due to the sharing of language.

    Go portugal!!!

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    Europe has the Euro Championship.

    North America has the Gold Cup.

    South America has the Copa America.

    Asia has the Asian Cup.

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    Its basically the Soccer championship for the continent of Europe. 16 teams make it and play for the title. The favorites this year are Spain, germany, and the Netherlands.

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    FOOTBALL championship for the continent of Europe. 16 teams make it and play for the title. The favorites this year are Spain, germany, and the Netherlands Stage football, knock out rounds.

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    It's a World Cup like tournament, but only half the number of countries allowed and exclusively for European countries. Also, it's arranged by UEFA, not FIFA

  • You mean FOOTBALL??

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