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I'm a seventeen year old girl, and not looking for an agent at the moment, but I'm curious. After college, I hope to start auditioning alot in NYC.... Luckily, many many shows have some open calls as well, but I'm wondering what the steps to hiring an agent are. Thanks so much!

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    9 years ago
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    You don't actually 'hire' an agent' They sign you, or agree to represent you, whatever term they choose to use.

    To get an agent, a genuine one, you'd have to have a fantastic resume, showing which acting school or drama school or university drama course you've graduated from, and how many years you've been studying acting. Also details of workshops, short courses, etc, you've taken in the last two years.

    They also like you to have extra skills like dance grades, singing grades, foreign languages spoken, accents mastered and that sort of thing. You'd also need a long list of stage play, shows, and ideally films in which you've taken leading roles.

    Agents only have vacancies for a new client occasionally, so obviously when they do, they pick the very best applicant out of all the hundreds which they've received over the past month or so. If yours isn't the best, you don't get accepted.

    And if any agent asks you for any payment upfront, or suggests that you take their classes or have their headshots done, they're a scam. Genuine agents make their money by taking a percentage of your earnings from acting work which they found for you.

    It can take years to find a good agent.

    Hope that helps!

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