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What should I get for my straight A's?

I got straight A's in my last report card and my mom says I can get a reward. But I need to chose it. I would like to get something to decorate my room or make up but I'm really not sure. BTW I'm a girl, well no duh. Have any recommendations? Anything is helpful....ANYTHING!!! Thanks so much.

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    A new bikini or swimsuit or an outfit

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    Well here is my list

    1.) money

    2.) new make-up bag

    3.) make-up kit

    4.) dvd that you want or like

    5.) shoes

    6.) new outfit

    7.) fingernail polish or set

    8.) new phone

    9.) purse

    10.) gift card

    11.) perfume

    Since I don't know you it is kinda hard to tell what you would like. Maybe you and your mom could go to the mall and walk around and you might find something you want. Hope this helps:)

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    9 years ago

    Redecorate your room! its a good reward, and you'll have fun picking out the colours and making it your own.!

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    get like a makeup desk or some kind of light mirror.. if you dont have one already lol

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  • 9 years ago

    get wasted >.< lol

    idk kiddo, if you don't have one already, you can get a laptop

    or take you shopping, or to a nice restaurant. little things count too :)

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    a black light

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