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I have a 2001 330i BMW and it has keyless entry but no alarm.?

How does my car have keyless entry and no alarm? My lights don't flash and I have tried everything under the sun to get it to go off and nothing... Do I have an alarm system or no?

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    Personally, I think an alarm is a waste. If it goes off at home, you might sleep through it & neighbors could care less. If you are shopping, it's going off in the parking lot and you're inside, so you'll never know it.

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  • Kenny
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    9 years ago

    An alarm was a $450 option. Not too many owners paid for one.

    You can get the dealer to make the clown nose to flash like as if you have an alarm. Don't how much they will charge free to $75, beyond those prices, rip off, go somewhere else.

  • Mark K
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    9 years ago

    The visual (flashing light) and audio (beep) features must be programmed into the car. See you dealer.

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