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I want to be a 13 year old Model.....?

Hello. As of today I will be thirteen on September 4. Models have always interested me quite a bit. Now I really want to be a model but I think I am too fat and to ugly. I need a second opinion.

These are pics:

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    Hi! I'm just a little bit older than u and I totally understand what ur going through! Too be honest I didn't look at the pics because u r beautiful even tho I haven't seen ur face lol! And who cares if u weigh too much! I went through same thing and still am but too be honest models don't actually look the way they do. They probably maybe ugly but this what happens hours of make up and hair then come the photos then they choose the best one they take off weight fix the face probably make the eyebrows higher add lighting and then they are done and the models looks nothing how she actually does. If u want to be a model do it because u want to dont let ur appearance set u back! Ur beautiful be confident and it will take u far!

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