Help with a manga title...?

So, I'm creating a manga and I got a little ways into it without a title but I really want one now so I can draw things and put the title in the corners and stuff. I can't think of one though.

My story is pretty not unique but I like the plot so I'm still doing it for myself! c: it's about Girl1 who likes this Boy and they've been friends for however long and this new girl (Girl2 = likable) comes to their class and somehow makes her way into Girl1's friend group. So Girl1 is scared Boy might like Girl2 and whatnot so she starts acting up sort of and Girl1 and Boy get into fight for a while and Boy spends his time with Girl2 instead until Girl2 gets "sick." Girl1 and Boy talk and realize they both like each other but they don't do anything about it because Girl2 might like Boy and so it wouldn't be fair- stuff like that.. anyways Girl2 admits her feelings eventually but insists Girl1 and Boy to have each other and so on get the point.

BUT I want a title like... Clannad or Kanon or ToraDora- something that doesn't make sense. Like I know those words have meanings but not really- I don't want a phrase title and I can't really think of one by myself without thinking it's retarded. I started a manga once called Bon Bon Ace and it meant nothing to the manga but I liked it because of that lol

So please help-

That description was very brief by the way.

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    How about 'Zerodesu'?

    It kinda has a meaning, as it basically means 'it is of zero', meaning that your characters are fed up with something(probably love, in this case.)

    Maybe 'Kesshite'?

    It means 'never'. Somewhat of the same principle I used in the previous suggestion.

    Or maybe a made-up word...

    Kaite (pronounced kai- as in 'kite' and then 'te'.

    Mozuko (I have absoutely NO idea what that even means!)

    Nelta Delta? (I'm just getting kinda bored, now, sorry.)

    XD. That's about all I got..

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    Source(s): All those G's and B's got stuck in my head. Maybe instead of the x2 part like a squared 2 would work better but I couldn't figure out how to type that.Good luck!
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