whats this puerto rican food called?

it starts with an e its an authentic dish it sounds like empanadas but that's not what its called it can be cooked with shrimp chicken or beef... does anyone know what its called or have any suggestions of some delicious easy to cook puerto rican food? i want to cook for my boyfriend

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  • 9 years ago
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    Is it enchilladas

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    4 years ago

    Dominican, Cuban and Puerto Rican are particularly all Caribbean nutrition and have many similarities. a lot of it actual comes from West Africa because of Atlantic Slave commerce. occasion Mofongo is an Afro-Puerto Rican dish that has sparkling roots in west African Fufu. Fufu is made out of various starchy vegetables and became into presented to the Caribbean with the aid of Africans interior the Spanish New international colonies such because of fact the Dominican Republic (mangú), Cuba (fufu de plátano), and Puerto Rico (mofongo). Fufu includes starchy root vegetables and plantains boiled then mashed till a dough-like consistency with water, butter, or milk. In Cuba mofongo is asserted as Machuquillo. The plantains are actually not fried yet boiled. Machuquillo is often garnished with parsley and served with roasted pork or chicken. in the process the 60's many Dominicans feared the re-election of Rafael Trujillo and extremely some fled to Puerto Rico and vast apple city. Plantains are a Dominican staple and their 0.33 maximum necessary crop after rice and beans. Mofongo is a staple nutrition for many Dominican eating places and is stated of their recipe books as Dominican convenience nutrition and a dish borrowed from Puerto Rico.

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    Have a look and see what you may find.

    This is one of my favorite cuisines. If ever in Puerto Rico - in San Juan there is a place called Metropol by the airport. You will die and go to heaven after eating there. It's casual and cheap but oh so good.

    Source(s): retired chef.
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