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How can I get people to stop hitting my head?

I know, the question sounds strange but this is serious.

I'm a 14 year old girl and I just finished middle school. I will be going to high school in August. I've had this problem with people smacking me across the head THIS YEAR and THIS YEAR ONLY.

I'm that "strange/weird" girl who is usually alone in most of my classes. I'm extremely introverted, but I can be loud and humorous with my friends. But many of them feel like when I say something "too weird" or make a "weird face" they have the right to smack me across the head. I am not sure why, I think it's because I offend them, I have no idea. I have seen people, when they are shocked by what someone says they smack their arm or lightly punch their shoulder, but pretty much PUNCHING ME IN THE HEAD? What??? I am also a hypochondriac so I really am scared that all this head-smacking will result in a negative outcome. I've been bullied since the fifth grade. I am used to physical abuse among my peers (usually from people I call friends.) I am so used to it, even boys hit me and I'm not surprised.

This depresses me. I have problems at home and have endured all types of abuse throughout my life. But I just wish people would stop hitting me at school for simply being different. And NO- strangers do not do this. It is only my friends who do.

So does ANYONE have an idea about what to do with this?


And yes- I do tell them to stop or I lash out at them. But people think I'm some sort of toy. On the last day of school these two girls came to my table and started scratching my arms for no reason. LIKE WTF.

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    smack them back. the worst that'll happen is they just smack you again, which obviously is gonna happen.

    also, if you can, try to laugh really loud when you hit them. it will make them scared.

    Source(s): i was bullied until i started copying everything they did to me. even if they'd stop be one time, i'd just do it randomly a few minutes later.
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    have you seriously asked them 2 stop putting their hands on you ?if u have asked & they continue 2 do so &it offends you stop hanging around with that crowd you are not their punching bag if they are truly ur friends & respect you & how you feel they will stop dnt let them do you anyway just 2 have friends true friendship doesn't hurt

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    Smack back!!

    And carry a knife

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    slap the taste out their mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place

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    Try. Please try to go underground and remain in isolation. Pl. keep it a top secret.

    Source(s): own
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    Whip their asses

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