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Tips on applying bronzer/blush and liquid eyeliner, help?

I want to apply a bronzer to add some glow, but I want to put on blush to add rosiness to my cheeks. Which should I apply first?

Plus, any tips on applying liquid eyeliner? Mine never looks like a solid black, it looks runny. Any help? Thanks.

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  • Claire
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    9 years ago
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    Bronzer: If you want to just have a nice glow to your skin, apply it like you would a setting powder, but use a light hand. Remember, bronzer is going to darken your complexion a little bit, and you don't want too much powder, or else your face isn't going to match the rest of your skin tone.

    If you want to contour, suck in your cheeks and put the bronzer right below your cheek bones in the sockets/hollows of your face. And then up along your temples. This will make your face look more slender.

    Blush: Usually people put on bronzer first, so they know how much blush is needed to complete their look, but it doesn't really make a difference. If you're not going to contour what I do, is i put the blush on first, and i put a little more than you would wear naturally, and then i take the bronzer and put it over the blush to blend out the blush. This way, using the bronzer will act as a blender for the blush.

    Eyeliner: The best thing to do it small strokes and practice. You're not going to be perfect the first time you use it, and i have been using it for years and i am still not perfect. But do small stroked along your eye, and practice as much as possible. Another tip is if you do mess up, use a qtip to get rid of any mistake. Another thing, is it could be the brand you're using. It could be that the kind you use just isn't very pigmented. But if it does look runny, try going over the eyeliner a second time.

    I hope this is helpful and good luck!

  • Quell
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    9 years ago

    Suck in your cheeks like a fish, some people call it the "fishy face". Put bronzer in this area where the cheeks are sucked in. Now, make a smiley face to find the apples of your cheeks (the round, high part) and put the blusher there. For liquid eyeliner, you just need to have a steady hand and only put it on the top eyelid, using a pencil for the bottom. If you want, you can tug out on the corner of your eye to make this easier, but this promotes wrinkles so I wouldn't suggest it. If the particular eyeliner looks runny to you, try a different one.

  • 9 years ago

    I would apply the bronzer first below your cheek bones, and then the blush to the apples of your cheeks. Also, if your liquid eyeliner appears runny, maybe it is the brand you are using? I just bought L'Oreal's Lineur Intense in carbon black & it is a dark solid black! I also apply it in short tiny strokes on my eye instead of just drawing one big line, because I find that I mess up a lot less when I do it this way! :)

  • 4 years ago

    I definitely have brown/mild brown eyes, long lashes, almond length. Eyeliner I definitely have somewhat oily epidermis, so for the backside, I do a skinny line commencing on the exterior end, and heading in direction of my nostril alongside the eyelash long for decrease than a million/2 way. On appropriate, I do a skinny curved line that follows my eyelash line returned, this time the full-length of the attention. in case you soft it out wisely, it somewhat is a little greater diffused of a much wider-look. Eyes Eye-shadow creams are greater somewhat controlled while doing all your makeup. i like employing a diffused gold as an eye fixed-base. For a greater dramatic result at evening, i will amplify that gold previous the exterior of my eyes for a 'mask-like' result, and an fairly mild/delicate crimson for a spotlight that follows that contour. Lips i'm a intense lip-experimenter. My well known coloration so a good distance is a depressing/blood crimson that almost looks kissable, fairly of vampiric (in spite of the actual indisputable fact that it somewhat is an fairly cool coloration too, when I"m in the temper and finding for dramatic-it wears off rapid although, leaving pinkish lips). a pair strains of black pencil eyeliner on the backside lip, then rubbing lips mutually to stay a black tinge on the two larger and decrease lip. I take a crimson lipstick and dab it some situations alongside the backside lip, then soft it over all lip section by employing putting mutually and rubbing lips. To get the best coloration, i take advantage of a delicate crimson/brown to gloss over the full result, get the best coloration. (between including each and each of those layers, I blot slightly to do away with extra makeup). Blot for the suitable time as quickly as you have the best 'crimson' coloration, and end with slightly clean gloss for the greater dramatic result, or go away as is for the 'kissable' result... I call it 'kissable, with the aid of fact it sounds like your lips are plump for the taking, without needing crimson marks on the exterior surrounding the lips.

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    Their are tips on youtube. Look it up on how to apply.......

    plz answer minehttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=An3du...

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