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Is a 2000 BMW 325i a good first car?

So I've been working for that last 6 months to save up for a car. And I've been looking at 2000 BMW 325i's. Are they good first cars? I'm 16. Are they reliable? Do they cost a lot to maintain? What are some common problems with them? Thank you! 10 points to best answer.

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    A excellent car, but as a first car, no.

    Even though BMW's are bulletproof and will treat you well, you had better be prepared for the increased cost of upkeep. Yes, they are very reliable but Bimmers and the E46 (the car you mention) in general are going to cost you more in regular maintence. It's just a fact of life for a BMW owner and it's even more crucial as parts are incredibly expensive. Thus it's not a good choice if you are on a shoe-string budget.

    Like I said, BMW's are bulletproof if taken care of and the E46 is a good example in particular. They are very reliable cars and have a excellent track record. However, the cooling system, electronics and tranny are weak spots but as I said, this car is very reliable. Make damn sure to check for maintence records as these cars do need to be taken care of. If they are, theyll never let you down.

    But imo, you would be better off buying something a bit cheaper to start of with. I'm a bimmer enthusiast and I have bothing but praise for these cars but unless you have the cash to take proper care of them, you will find yourself in trouble. Trust me, find something cheaper to start with as you have your entire life for the fancy stuff

    Hope I helped, if you have any othee questions feel free to shoot me a e-mail. Good luck!

    Source(s): I'm a BMW enthusiast and E36 driver,and father is longtime BMW owner/enthusiast as well
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    I agree with the others for the reasons mentioned...but also...

    That is considered a sports car (by auto insurance definitions) and you will pay dearly for coverage.

    Every used car is different on how much it will cost to maintain. My '95 has been fairly cheap, but it was also inspected from front to back by my Euro mechanic before I bought it. He told me: "It's it". He was right. But I have also kept up will all maintenance religiously with all OEM parts & fully synthetic oil changes each time the lightbar gets to the orange.

    First car....seriously...get something fairly inexpensive because you WILL have accidents. Nearly all new drivers do. Get a Chevy or a Ford...that way you won't be depressed when it gets banged up within the first year.

    Source(s): Me & my '71 Pontiac Ventura (built like a tank!) when I was 17.
  • T. P.
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    9 years ago

    Yea like agree with other posts... it is a great car and actually very safe, traction control is great on it. But, not a good first car, especially if u had to save up for it. These cars are getting older so gonna be needing more n more maintenence which will cost u way more then wanted long term. If think are in a financially decent spot for it, and can do work yourself, then maybe go for it

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i would say no- nice car but not for your first. basically too much power/rear wheel drive combo is a bad combination for a first car, i had a bmw 530i, which was great but in the wet could get a bit tricky and im 28!

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