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How do I find a swimsuit that fits my breasts properly?

I am 5'7", I weigh 135lbs, and my bra size is a 36DDD. My breasts grew 3 cup sizes in a year but I didn't actaully gain weight anywhere else so I'm still thin. When I went bathing suit shopping I coiuldn't find anything that didn't have my boobs popping out everywhere except for ones that were made for people fatter than I am. Does anyone know where I can find a suit that has good coverage and support but still fits girls that are slender

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    I think that you should measure yourself for UK sizing. http://wp.me/p1GTj0-i

    list of online stores.





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    The best I can think of is to ask help from a store assistant to select a swim suit that fits your bust, and then adjust the rest by giving it an extra line of stiches so that the body would fit the way you want. You can pick some stores and call and ask if thety carry anything that will fit your bust size. That way, you know where to go and avoid shop assistant starting at your bust to wonder if she can find something that fits and so on!

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    If you are looking for a two piece then find one where you can buy different sizes in each piece. Also try to look for a top with cup sizes. Look for a halter top because they will be the most supportive or something with underwire

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