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DITY/ DLA Move (Army)?

My husband just got orders to Korea and We came to agreement that it's best if I move back home to california. We are currently stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington. We also agreed on moving our things ourselves just because I'm selling most of the little things I don't need. So we are just renting a trailer. I'm fully aware of the Dity move and the process. (Weighing, save receipts for gas etc.) to get reimbursed. But some other military wives are saying that I wouldn't get approved for the DLA, and to my understanding its Extra Money? Who exactly am I suppose to go to and ask? Not JPPSO obviously because they aren't moving my things for me.

Or HELL.. can someone tell me what your past experiences were? because this is my first time moving. I

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    he would only be eligible for DLA if his orders indicate that a Move to his HoR is authorized for his dependents.

    they are not always authorized during remote tours like this.

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    dont know much bout move, but keep all the receipts so they can reimburse u.

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