Suggest any prom tips?? From past experience? ?

Okaay so I'm going to this dinner dance ( 8th grade prom ) and I have my dress already but I don't really wear dresses or heels. OH GOSH HEELS ! And I'm kindda a Tom boy. So any tips? Like, what should I bring in my purse just in case? Hair ideas? ( I have long, brown hair ) What I shouldn't say? Thank you :)

Just anything you can think of from past experience?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't wear dresses or heels either(kinda tom boy as well), but if your dress is long(reaching floor or slightly above)heels are a must!! I would suggest flats if its any shorter, as they are much more comfortable. I also have long brown hair, I did an up-do but half up-dos are really nice as well so go to google images and type in prom up-dos or something and see what you like! Long brown hair can never really look bad ;)

    In your purse I would personally bring:

    a small thing of lotion



    some powder to touch up your face if needed

    bobby pins&hair elastics

    a few tampons(if needed)

    Source(s): previous experience
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