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Another question on my book?

I am now thinking about putting a story behind every character that seems to need one, should I put a story behind every character in a alternate document or should I put it with in the book for external information?

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    I think you should put it in an alternative document so you can look at it whenever you need reminding, however if the story behind the character is relevant to the plot then you can include it/interweave it with your plot :)

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    Only put a brief history of a character in the book and maybe make a novella for the whole story

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    9 years ago

    you should make the back story for each character intertwine together and make those back-stories intertwine with the plot of the book...? hahahaha I have no idea. Just make it so the reader can understand what's going on and can actually follow in that characters' footsteps. I write fanfictions so It could work out best to have P.O.V (point of view) for each chapter but eh.

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    I suggest not making an appendices like in Tolkein's works. Make the backstory because every character does need to have one, otherwise they shouldn't be in the book. But worry about all that after you've actually written the book. ;) P.S. I think you mean "Another question involving my book." Haha imagine a question actually ON your book...

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