RPM drop after long highway drives?

2003 Saturn ION-2

97k miles

I drive quite a bit, usually 2-3, (60-90 min) trips a week. Every few weeks or so my car will drop rpm's to about 500 after I hit the first stop. Only happens towards the end of trip when i reach my exit's stop light or stop sign. Sometimes the rpm gauge will flutter around the high hundreds not wanting to stall because it is an automatic 5-speed. My fuel level doesn't change the outcome and neither does my engine's temp. Im wondering if the fuel is getting cut off or being deprived of air? Car vibrates a little bit as most cars do when they stall or are about. Oh and if it does stall out, all I have to do is put it in park and turn ignition off and restart it up. Sometimes might do it at next stop and sometimes will be fine after. Has only happened to me 3 times within 50-60 days.


Pete's getting the top vote, thanks alot man. and you're nuts if you think im getting higher octane fuel at chevron, musta missed the part where i said i drive a SATURN ION, enough said...nice try though.

3 Answers

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