How long do I have to wait so long for my raise at work?

I work at a resale/retail store in Illinois.I have been there a year now and have not gotten my raise.I was evaluated at 6 months and told I was a great employee and that my raise would go through but not until July.Making it a year and one month of working.This seemed odd to me having my review 6 months before I get a raise.Does anyone know if this is legal?Also I get paid less than new employees which I do not feel at all happy about.Help.

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    9 years ago
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    They don't have to legally give you an raise at all. Annual raises are usually the most often you can expect to get a normal raise - and in this economy many people are finding they're getting no raise at all, so be grateful with whatever they give you, whenever they give it to you.

    Having a review at about 3 months is normal - maybe they were just late on giving you that. It's very normal to have to be employed for a whole year before you see any raise at all.

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