I Can't Make Any Friends..?

so im a sophomore in a private high school from grade 9-12. i went to the school not knowing anyone because i was previously at a public school. recently i came to the conclusion i have no real friends at the school (all guy school) i mean, i'm not sitting by myself at lunch but i just never go out with any of them. no one asks me to go anywhere and i have nothing to do with them. i don't know what to do when i ask people to hang out because all the kids now are having house parties and my parents never let me stay home alone for a night. i see on facebook how all these people are hanging out and going to parties and drinking and i wish it was me. i did have this one good friend cian who i hang out with freshman year (before the parties) and we were all cool. and then we both got in a fight with an albanian at different times, (i was first and then he had a fight with him) and he just decided to like never speak to the albanian kid again causing him to leave this "group" we had because the albanian used to be our good friend. (hope that wasnt confusing) but long story short, my good friend left me. he left me all by myself. we still talk in school but nothing more. i just want a friend who actually wants to hang out with me and invites me to parties and everything. i just want to fit in. im tired of never going out and seeing pictures on facebook. and i know as time goes on and the kids are realizing i don't go out at all, they won't want to be my friend. i can't leave the school so im stuck there until i graduate and honestly, i can't take another two years of just sitting at home every weekend. i dont know what to do. please help

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    I'm in a similar situation as you, but maybe you could invite your friends over, or invite them to go out watch some hectic movie with you. Because they could also be waiting for you to invite them. But I take advantage of not going out, and I actually use the time to study. But it's totally up to you if you want to invite them. With fights, I don't argue with people. When it feels like it's going to turn into an argument I normally let them win or just blankly agree with them, or turn it into a joke.

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    Join marching band, coolest people you will ever meet

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