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How do you feel about women fighting in the military?

I'm currently serving in the Navy and my sister is in the Army and me and her always get into disputes about why she's not aloud to fight and how one day soon she will be. I don't know how i feel about any women especially my sister out there fighting. Not being sexist, but do you think its a good idea?


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    Ok, i'm going to try and put this in a way that doesn't sound sexist or offend anyone.

    Combat is just a man's job and always will be. It's a fact that men are physically superior then girls. Men have been fighting in the frontlines for centuries. Also what do you think is going to happen to a girl that becomes a PoW or just gets captured. It's never fun no matter what sex you are but just taking a wild guess girls will more likely then not get raped.

    If a girl soldier and a guy soldier where going to run a 100m dummie drag and the guy can do 200lbs and the girl only 120lbs , sorry i'm going to take the guy on my team. BUT if a girl could do the same I would not mind taking her on my team.

    Unless a large pecent of girls enrolled in the military and soon to be military become manly I'm pretty sure they will NOT allow girls to go in any sort of combat for a while

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    Well it's a non linear war so they have been in fights for about 10 years. Some perform well (the female medic from the 82nd who earned the silver star) some perform very very poorly (jessica lynch who didnt bother to maintain her rifle so it was rusted shut and hid under a humvee when the action started). I don't see any issue with them being in supply convoys and what not that can get hit. I dont think they'll ever make it into the infantry though, every time they do research about a why or why not it always comes back why not, and until the design of the female pelvis changes I think it's going to keep being a "why not." Believe it or not men and women do have a different bone structure, and the way the female pelvis is designed for childbirth makes them injury prone when carrying a lot of weight or doing high impact activities. This isn't sexist, its fact. The male pelvis is not only more stable because it's not designed to seperate and it has more pronounced markings, meaning more space for ligaments and tendons to attach.

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    Couldn't you simply seek for this question instead than asking it once more? It has been requested no less than 50,000 occasions. And nonetheless a few do not get it. You have the reply proper there to your main points however you do not admire it. "There are specific most sensible feminine athletes who can..." Do you understand what a most sensible athlete does all day? They figure out to keep their health. They do not teach to do some thing rather then their task, they cross to the gymnasium or they run 8 hours an afternoon so they may be able to keep that degree of bodily health. When do I have time to teach that "most sensible feminine athlete" to combat? Perhaps it's that you just maintain the army in such low esteem you feel we simply exhibit as much as a struggle and combat with out the advantage of coaching? Those only a few ladies who might honestly meet the bodily standards of serving within the Infantry might not ever don't forget serving within the Infantry. Most guys cannot meet our bodily necessities. This is not approximately sexism or your opinion it's approximately biology. Now you'll be able to signal up for the army and spot what it's all approximately or you'll be able to depart quietly, however do not pretent your uninformed opinion concerns.

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    A women is just as capable of being a good soldier as a man.

    Men are CAPABLE of becoming stronger than women, that doesn't mean they are bro. Last time I checked the average man is a fat schmuck, aside from that Bodybuilders who go to the military usually complaine of muscle loss meaning they aren't fighting at optimal strength anyway. Besides, modern combat isn't exactly a wrestling match.

    The points of view on this page are completely sexist, and I'm sitting with 6 years of strongman competitions under my belt minus the delusional superiority complex. How would you feel if us lifters went around talking down to you because you can't Deadlift 700 pounds? No, most of us try to be a bit more mature and humble than that.

    I train alongside women who may not be as strong as me, but they're certainly stronger than most men, or excuses for men rather.

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    If they somehow developed the physical prowess of men they would most certainly be accepted. But that isn't going to happen for the next few decades or so. However some countries do allow women into all military roles, including front line infantry like in New Zealand, the only thing they aren't allowed to do is NZSAS (special forces) which simply needs physical requirements far beyond a woman's capability.

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    I don't think women should be on the front lines. Why? Because ON AVERAGE, women are physically weaker than men. Would the average female soldier be able to carry away a 180-220lb male soldier that has been wounded? Why does the military say they are treating women equal when they are obviously not being treated equally? The physical standards for women are lower than that of men. If you want women to truly be treated equally to men, then make the physical standards the same for everyone.

    I don't know about you guys, but I really don't want to see a girl get shot in the head, that would be much worse than a man getting shot in the head.

    Source(s): Future Army Ranger hopeful.
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    Women are allowed in combat. What they are not allowed is in combat arms position. However, the Marine Corps just opened its Infantry Officers Course and 400 formerly prohibited positions to women including artillery, amphibious assault and low altitude air defense.

    Moreover, women service members were on Female Engagement Teams as well as attached to infantry units in Afghanistan and Iraq. There was a lot of shuffling so that women weren't "technically" assigned to combat units but in reality, they were.

    This whole question of whether or not women should be in combat is a moot point. Women are in combat and more and more positions are opening in recognition of this fact.

    Here is a link:

    Source(s): Former Marine
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    I'm in the Canadian military in which all trades are open to women.

    It works just fine. I am a Canadian Ranger now, and the woman in my section is a LOT tougher than I'll ever be. One of the toughest and most capable people in the whole patrol in fact. My experience in the RegForce was similar - they work just as well as the guys.

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    I think it very odd. Raised in an era when women were considered the fairer sex. Not that they were weak. But, so very special and necessary to keep out of harm's way. Women were the soul of hearth home and family. I am decidedly uncomfortable about allowing it.

    Might be just me, the thought of allowing woman on the front line; then witnessing her take a fatal bullet? Heartbreaking.

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    The word is ALLOWED! Aloud is when you speak aloud.

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