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Grain of rice stuck in my trachea?

I choked on a piece of rice and it's stuck in my throat ... I feel like it's about to go down my airtube no matter how much I try to cough it up or how liquid I drink ... what do i do to get it out? Please help !! :(

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    I would assume this is cooked rice. It probably has already gone down into your stomach and what you are feeling now is irritation from the coughing. However, it is possible for pieces of food to become lodged in the trachea. Here is a link that describes a type of cough you can try that could dislodge it. If that does not work and if you think you do have food stuck in your trachea you should see a doctor as it can lead to problems.

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    EAt a piece of bread. The bread with catch it and send it down the esophagus. I don't think the rice is in your trachea.

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