what did she mean by all of this? 10 points!!!?

theres this girl who knows i sort of like her and we talk alot. Usually at least for an hour or more. My friend keeps asking her if she likes me and Im sure she knows that if she says yes or no hes going to immediately tell me. She does not like my friend at all! When he asked her she said " whats there not to like about him" but she usually does things in certain way that makes me think otherwise. We go to the same church and she invites me to stuff the church is having. I mean why cant she just say yes or no? if she says yes i will ask her out later on but if she says no i guess she thinks i wont talk to her. She wrote me a poem that goes like this: "everyday seems like sunday when i think about... every note sounds like a musical note when i think about.... time stops heart races and frowns turn to smiles when i think about.... basketballs, volleyballs, soccerballs bounce bounce bounce when i think about.... what do you think about?" Also she has really strict parents, so when i told her what i thought about the way she does things in relation to us being a couple at first she negatively responded but i kept it emotional and she said " but u r only 16 with normal male harmones and maybe just maybe ibecuz I have bedtime. i have curfew i have strict mom n dad u may get tired so even if it hurt me if we stopped talkin as i do enjoy our banter and am lookin 4 wrd to knowin u more." "i m just sayin yes i wuld be hurt n i wuld probably hirt for a long time but i m saying i wuldnt hate u cuz i wuld understand." "and as much i wuldlike to think that i am a good freind to you n over time can be super friend" by the way those three comments are her words and are from different sections of our convo.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think she likes you.

    Instead of getting your friend who she doesn't like to ask her what she thinks of you, ask her yourself.

    That way you know straight up and she will be more likely have a straight answer.

    I don't know of too many girls who right poems to guys, meaning i totally think she's into you.

    Just because she has strict parents does not mean you should be turned off of her. You're dating her, not her parents.

    Once you find out whether she likes you or not you'll be able to start figuring how to make your relationship okay with her parents.

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