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How tall will I be??

I'm 5'6 right now when I'm standing up as straight as possible. I say that because I have scoliosis. My curve is about 32-36 degrees and when I'm in my back brace it's about 18 degrees. I have always wanted to be a supermodel since I was 5 years old when I saw a fashion show and then started watching America's next top model. I am 14 and will be 15 at the end of August. My mom is 5'6 and my dad is 5'9 almost 5'10. My orthopedic surgeon said that I am still growing but will my scoliosis affect my height? And how do I know how tall I will be. Also I weigh about 93 pounds I know I don't weigh much but I have a really fast metabolism so I really can't help it.

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    you'll probably be 5'6. you don't have to be tall to be beautiful. or thin, or symmetrical. every woman is a goddess.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm sorry, I'm not a psychic.

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