Will this guy ever contact me again and did he even like me from the start?

This guy asked me out for drinks and when we went out, he decided to take me out for both dinner and drinks. He didn't try to get physical with me either on the date. After a few days, I texted him to thank him and asked what he wanted out of this and he replied he wasn't ready for anything serious. I told him that I wouldn't sleep with him if given that chance and that I'm not an easy lay. He also told me that he didn't mean to get dinner and just wanted to get drinks. That got me upset. So I told him that it was messed up, told him he was an a**hole, and that I thought he was different. The next several days sometimes we'd talk about other things and get along and other times we'd argue about the date. A few times I asked to see him but he declined every time. Finally I visited him home and he seemed irritated that I was there so I left and texted him the next few days that I was sorry if I bugged him and understand if he doesn't want to speak to me anymore. I didn't hear back from him at all. What did he even want from me in the beginning if he didn't even try to put a move on me? Will he ever contact me again or come back to me? I really did like him

3 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    its obvious that he just wanted u for a whilee & that was it. if u slept with him then he got what he wanted if not then oh wells. its cool if u text him thank u for the drinks but that should of been it. you should of waited for him to contact u, that would of showed interest in u but it looks like u were more interested in him.

    it looks like he just wanted to sleep with u but since he didn't get that , since he met u he just wanted a friendship but nothing serious. move on & try to forget

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hes just confused by your behaviour so give him some time he'll talk to you , ans dont go so hard on him .

  • 9 years ago

    he was just playing you

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