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Right-Wing conservatives: Do you really believe in New World Order and that evil people are taking over the wo?

the world ?

How much brainwashing does it takes to make a right-winger think that way ?

Perhaps watching too much Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh channels?


I see....I touched a sensitive topic.....cons are silent....

Update 2:

@Boo Radley: there are no stupid questions, there can only be stupid answers and yours is one of them.

The last 3 answers of yours were silly.


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    Reading about the donations made by George Soros may be the real answer.

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    Read UN Agenda 21/Sustainable development. It was signed in 1992 by George HW Bush and 170 other countries around the world and is based on global climate change but has many other objectives to result in equal economies, environments, and societies globally. All nations will be the same. This is being done through environmental regulations, international trade agreements, the human rights declaration, multiculturalism, etc. It is also meant to end poverty by spreading the wealth of western nations to developing nations.

    This is based on their belief that the Western nations are to blame for global climate change so owe developing nations reparations or damages if you will. If you read it, you will see that protection of ecosystems is also based on that concept. Humans, while having rights, are seen as a destructive species to the planet and must be controlled in their activities to those who signed this agreement.

    Obama's entire presidency is based on fulfilling this agreement. It will lead to global governance in that all nations will be the same and humans will be completely controlled. 50% of the land in the US will be off limits at some point and people will be living in designated areas to travel by train. No more cars, no more meat, no more electric appliances, no more air conditioning, rationed water, rationed food to be raised by each community on surrounding land designated for that purpose. No more private property except for the very elite who will live very different lives than the majority. No more sovereignty.

    You can read it on line. The world leaders meet yearly to report their progress, etc. Why do you think there is a world bank, world health org., world trade org., world court, IMF, G20, G8, etc. Our lives are controlled more and more by international agreements and less by our representatives. This is really at the heart of the partisan fighting at this point although evidently it isn't to be spoken of in the media.

    Clinton and Obama have both written executive orders to fulfill certain parts of this. George W Bush did not. It is why he was the subject of the scorn of the world even though he gave more to Africa than any other administration. He rejected the Kyoto Treaty, he had no executive order for sustainable development, and he wouldn't agree to the world court nor universal health care. The UN sets our goals. Those who don't go along with them will suffer the consequences.

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    Taking it over? They already have but if you want to live in your little naive simpleton world, fine. Guess who the #1 campaign financier of Obama in 2008 was? Goldman Sachs. Guess who the #1 campaign financier to Romney is now in 2012? Goldman Sachs. Guess where Italy's Berlusconi's replacement is from? Goldman Sachs. Guess where Greece's new head of state is from? You guessed it, Goldman Sachs. Guess where the head of the European central bank is from? Yup, Goldman Sachs. After Obama got elected guess where dozens from his administration came from? Goldman Sachs. Guess who Bush's financial cronies in his adminstration came from? Goldman Sachs.

    "Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs does." - Alessio Rastani

    The banking elite are pushing for a one world currency and have already gotten their World Bank, European Union, quasi-North American Union, and International Monetary Fund. They are sucking the West dry of capital and engineering collapse in order to reconsolidate it more closely under their rule and power. They want absolute control and world government and economy is the way. They control governments, they control the media, and they control the world economy. The world is at their knees.

    Also Rush Limbaugh does not believe in the NWO. He's your prototypical big government loving neocon. Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, among many others are examples of those that are knowledgeable of the financial dictatorship we are living in. Hell, just take a look at Bilderberg, the CFR, or the Trilateral Commission.

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    Yes, check your last question, I brought up the New World order, and who is Alex Jones, and Rush is over-rated, I do like Beck, but just bring up some of these idiots, they bring it up.

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    I do, but not quite on an Alex Jones-y level.

    I don't listen to Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh. Fail.

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    well im no conservative, im voting for obama. People are saying "its the end of the world" in december i use to believe that now i don't if anything ends it will be "man-made" that i believe in, so a new world order is possible.

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    Religious leaders have been preaching these theories for centuries, scaring the feeble minded, the old ladies and small children. They need people to fill the pews which fills the collection plates with tax free dollars or they will have to get a real job.

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    3 silly questions in the last 2 minutes or so. Go Troll elsewhere.


    @ Steve O

    There is a difference between stupid, and stupid liberals. You're still a troll, so I will in know way give an acceptable answer.

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    Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe in secret society's and the NWO, you need to do more research

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    The Elites population control" or "eugenics agenda" is not a conspiracy

    is well documented and debate

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