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How can i improve my endurance and speed for soccer ?

Im 15 years old im would like to

Know how can i improve my emdurance and my speed what are some exercises (drills) i could

And that could help me . Would running every day for 30 mins work.

Im a forward btw

Thank you

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    Run 2 to 3 miles at least 3 times a week. When you get into shape where you completing 2.5 miles in 17 or less minutes, then do sprints and killers often. Sprinting, I mean full sprinting, without stopping.

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    to upgrade pace and agility see if you'll be able to get a latter and there are plenty of drills for them, you'll be able to uncover on-line, or simply yous cones or a few form of markers and do shuffling drills. You will have to additionally check out becoming a member of a pace and agility software however if you happen to are not able to, run suicides and train sprinting out of drills. To upgrade staying power run move nation or lengthy distance monitor. For footwork simply dribble round and check out knew movements. Do pendulums, and different useful matters. I might additionally uncover a wall to move towards to paintings in your contact.

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