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What did you do when your favorite pet died?

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    Timothy, I cried my eyes out as they say. I just put my baby to sleep. He was a black, sleek, cat named spike. He was 9 years old and he was my baby. He slept beside me, rubbed against me when I cried, loved to play with string and laser. He had a stroke that took his legs and I rushed him to an emergency clinic and he was put to sleep as I held him. One half hour from start to finish...and 12 hours of crying. One half hour to say goodbye...and I still miss him.

  • My dogs older than i am but my other dog chloe died and i cried and was mad at my grandma because when my dog had heartworms in her chest my grandma took her and got her put to slerp i was 8. I was twelve when my cat killed my first fancy russian dwarf hamster i was jus sad and mad at my cat. I was around 10 when my all time favorite animal died my beutiful white tiger looking maincoon died, we were out of town and he got out some how and my neighbors dog killed him, and they brought us the cat i cried myself to sleep that cat did everything with me i got him when i was 2 and he was so sweet. Now i have an 18 year old terrier an 10 month old English bulldog an 6 year old American long hair cat and an 9 month old shorthaired kitten and a winter wonder dwarf hamster that is about 7,8 months

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    This may 4th I had to have my dog of 15 yrs humanely euthanized because her hips went out. She was 18 yrs old, which is longer than normal for a dog her size. She was the best dog I have ever had and I'm sure I will never have another like her again. She was with me through the darkest times in my life and never judged.

    After the first few days of crying (alot!) I moved onto denial...I think I have accepted it now even though I still have random bursts of wanting to cry when I think about her. I have her ashes and paw print and I look at it daily wishing she was still here but knowing she is no longer in pain.

    To truly answer your question I am grieving and trying to move on...

    Till we meet again Gingpie

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    I was in 4th grade and it was a cat I got for free in the newspaper, he was 22 years old when he died. Aways I cried a lot, but I was young and we got a grave for him in our backyard also got a headstone.

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    I cried.

    I was 8.

    The dog got hit by a car.

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    When we was kids our pets was cows and sheep and pigs, and we et 'em. It was sad and delicious. That's the way it was.

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    Mourned for a bit and then got over it.

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    my cats 19 years old now i don't understand how hes still alive, hes immortal

  • Cried, went home told my mother who cried, which made me cry again...

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