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what do you guys think of these names?

this is a list of my favorite names, please tell me what you think and rate. most detail gets best answer!








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    Alexander: I really like the old-fashionedness of this name, and the nicknames are nice too - Alex/Zander, etc

    Jace: Cool name, sounds pretty modern. I think that they will get a lot of questions asking "What is that short for?" or "Okay, so what's your real name?"

    Gabriel: Again, very classical and elegant. I like the name as a whole, and the nickname "Gabe" is nice, too.

    Emmeline: Ooohh! Cool name! I like the flow of it, but the spelling will surely get lots of questions. Imagine somebody asking what your name is to write it down, and them getting very confused.

    Annaliese: Nice name, and I love the name Anna, which could also be a nickname for this person. The spelling of the end "AnnaLIESE", especially the I will certainly cause difficulty in pronunciation and in spelling. I would suggest going with "Annalise" instead.

    Naomii: I personally dislike this name, but that's just me. I fell like the double "i" at the end is going to cause difficulty with spelling, and looks like you are trying too hard to be unique.

    Rani: I love this name! I know someone by this name, and it is still beautiful as she gets older. I love how elegant and simple it is, and it is mostly phonetic in spelling, but she may get a few pronunciations of "RAH-nee" instead of "RAY-nee". Overall, gorgeous name!

    My faves are Alexander, Annalise, and Rani. Good choices, all very beautiful and fairly unique!

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    Gabriel 3/10

    Emmeline 0/10

    Annaliese 1/10

    Naomii 5/10

    Rani 3/10

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    Alexander 6

    Jace 8

    Gabriel 9

    Emmeline 8

    Annaliese 9

    Naomii 4

    Rani 2

    some very good names, good luck! (:

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    Alexander 7

    Jace 6

    Gabriel 7

    Emmeline 4

    Annaliese 5

    Naomii 7


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    The spelling on some are interesting, but I still think that Naomi instead of Naomii is better. I personally haven't heard of the name Rani before, and I think that people would mispronounce it quite often (unless it is a common name). Alexander is a nice name, because it can easily be shortened. With Gabriel, it could be a guy's name or a girl's name (Gabrielle, but pronounced similarly). Annaliese is like Alexander, where it can be shortened into nicknames. I've never met anyone (like Rani) with the name of Emmeline, but it sounds pretty. :) Hope this helped.

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    Alexander- Absolutely love it. Its on my list! Nicknames Alex or Xander are great!

    Jace- Very cute! I love it spelled this way instead of Jayce

    Gabriel- Very strong and masculine. Great name!

    Emmeline- I like it, but prefer just Emma, although it could be a nickname

    Annaliese- Such a beautiful name! Not sure how you pronounce it, but I prefer it pronounced "Ana"

    Naomii- Great name, but I would spell it Naomi.

    Rani- It's cute, but I feel like it's more of a nickname.

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    Gabriel and Emmeline! I also really like Annaliese and Naomi! :D

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    I love Jace Gabriel and Annalese.. the others not so much

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