Is my friend using me? Or is it just a sign of friendship?

My friend sometimes does this:

-She asks me for homework questions/help

-text messages me (even though we don't really talk at school)

-when we do talk, it's kind of awkward...

-She will hold my hand when we walk/swing it back and forth (only happened once)

-she picked up my books once off the ground

-Has complimented me twice (saying that i'm really pretty and i look good with my hair in a braid) -- i've complimented her attributes (inspirational, schoolwork, etc...)

-Gives me a kiss on the cheek sometimes when we greet

-hugging (both cheek to cheek) and regular -- she's usually the first to approach me

-Tickles/puts her fingers under my chin for 1-2 seconds as she walks by

-winks and smiles/stares at me (in the halls and in class) -- once on a bus

I know the hugging/kiss on the cheek is typical in the Latin America culture (she's Hispanic, btw). so I am not creeped out, since i think this is very sweet and nice. And i know she means it. is this a sign of close friendship? also, i'm straight and i think she is too...but she comes from a family of all women (doesn't have a dad), so maybe she just feels a certain closeness. idk. thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    It should be fine, but if your not uncomfortable then alls good right :), it she tries anything then start to worry, but only IF ... Till then enjoy having a really good sister like friend

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