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Should I let her explain?

My ex girlfriend wants to meet up and talk about us. I saw her make out with another guy and she's been trying so hard to talk to me. I still love her but I hate her so much right now. She calls and texts me like 15 times a day asking to talk and she called today asking to meet up tomorrow after were done with school but idk what to do. She says she made a mistake and that she loves me and she's been doing this for the past 3 weeks. Should I give her a chance? I love this girl really bad I can honestly see a future with her but I'm just really sad and depressed over her. Should I let her tell me what she has to say? Please help

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    I'd say listen to what she has to say, and try to understand where she came from. If she made out with another guy, that's cheating, which shouldn't be tolerated by you. I think maybe you 'ought to give her another chance, but be on the watch with her, be strict with her?

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    There is honestly no good excuse for cheating. The question is, do you think she is truly sorry and won't do it again? How well do you trust her?

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    if you love her you should at least listen to what she has to say. good luck<3

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