I think I might be Bi?

The other day me and my friend were talking about gays and lesbians We were talking about how the united states should allow gay marriage. Then one of my friends brought up how would we feel about being held by the same gender, my friends revoked it immidiatly. But I dont feel uncomfortable about it at all. Some how being held by a woman doesnt sound bad, actually kinda pleasurable. But the thought of being held by a man doesnt disturb me either. 0.0 I dont know. I am kinda confused on this situation. I dont know how to react or what to do. I am only 15 and it's really confusing. ...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Cool. Just enjoy your life, do what you think is right. If people tell you otherwise just tell them to screw off, you don't need them anyway.

  • doug b
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    9 years ago

    Life is a learning experiance and this is all it was .,nothing more and nothing less,. And it is not bad if you are bi .,you have,twice the chance for a date next weekend

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