Good Jim Croce Songs and Facts?

As a child my mom introduced me to Croce's music. Through the years I grew to love his music, however I the only songs I really knew were the ones on his Greatest Hits album. I know that he was killed in a plane accident in 1973, I believe. Recently I was listening to some of his songs on YouTube and I discovered a whole bunch of amazing songs by him that I had never previously heard. I am also one of those people who love random facts and I am lacking in the whole random facts about Jim Croce, so if you have any please fill me in. If you care, one of my favorite songs by him is Time In a Bottle (Did you know he wrote that song about his son?).

Therefore my main question is what is your favorite Jim Croce song? What are some songs by him that were never really popular? And what are some facts about Croce himself?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Good for you for getting into the music of an "older" artist and researching his personal life - which always impacts an artist's music. I like your attitude. I have two favorites of Jim's: "Operator" and "Walking Back to Georgia." As for lesser- known songs, you might want to check out the album, 'Home Recordings: Americana,' released in 2003 to commemorate his life. It contains Croce's covers of other artists' songs. Best of luck in your research!

  • wirtz
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    4 years ago

    i does not classify the two of those super artists as novelty or comedy. whilst plenty of their song has a humorousness, there is usualy a message in there too. whilst "disguise of the Rolling Stone" could be a parody, a lot of Hook's songs are very romantic and trustworthy. And in case you won't be in a position to sense the authentic discomfort in tunes of Croce's like "Operator", you at the instant are not listening close sufficient. the two have been giants of dad. peace

  • 9 years ago

    All I can say is when the song Operator comes on I can't help but sing along and feel human . Everyone has had their heart broken @ least once and this song makes you think about those failed relationships.

  • ny21tb
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    9 years ago

    You do'nt mess around with Jim. Bad Leeroy Brown, was written about a fellow inmate in prison.

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