how to make your pictures look professional?

is there something you can edit it it with? my friend takes the most amazing pictures ever and she said she uses picnik to edit them. But i think its her camera thats amazing. Are there any really good cameras that are cheap maybe $250 at the most

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  • 9 years ago
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    1) You seem to think that a professional camera will automatically take professional photos.

    2) Your friend can't be "editing" with picnik because that doesn't exist anymore.

    Guess what - it doesn't work that way... it doesn't matter.

    If I gave you some expensive pots, would that guarantee you could cook truly amazing meals? Would a fancy space-suit instantly turn you into an astronaut?

    Yes it helps to have decent equipment, but the photographer is even more important.

    The more knowledge you have, the better your results will be.

    Go to your local library and start reading every book you can find on cameras and on photography. Surf the web for tutorials. Once you know what you're talking about, you will never ask that question again, and you will take MUCH better photos regardless of which camera you own.

    Even the worlds most expensive camera would take so-so (or even terrible) shots in the wrong hands, but a skilled photographer can get some pretty decent results from a very basic camera.

    It is up to YOU.

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    9 years ago

    It's not the editing: Garbage in, garbage out.

    It's not the camera ...

    I shot this with a Rebel XSI and a kit lens many years ago:

    Same lens and camera a few years later:

    So obviously, it's not the camera that was at fault for the first picture.

    Now, these were all taken with different cameras and lenses ... notice how the quality doesn;t vary much?

    Canon Rebel T1i

    Canon 60D

    Canon 5D MkII

    It won't matter that the camera was 250$ or 5000$ until you've come to grips with the basics of photography.

    What's really important in a camera is the ability to tell IT what to do instead of letting the camera make half the decisions. For that, you need a camera that has a manual mode or something like aperture priority and shutter priority, Then, YOU are creating the image, not the computer inside the camera.

    The Canon Powershot SX130 would be a decent camera within your budget but don;t expect to start a business with it ... there is a difference between shooting for fun and shooting for clients.

    Grab the SX130 and the following two books: "Understanding Exposure" and "Photographic Composition".

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    5 years ago

    The picture has potential, however, there is too much space on the left side. To remove the space, it should be zoomed closer to the couple. The background makes for good contrast, but it becomes distracting. In order to fix this, the photographer needs to bring the couple forward by putting the background out of focus a little. Not to the point of not knowing where they are, but to give a better figure/ground contrast. Also, the man's clothing is too dark. When doing photography, or any art medium, it is best not to put dark on dark. The girl's white dress is perfect contrast with the seroundings, but the man gets a little lost. Remember these things: -Don't be afraid to get close -Find unique angles or show action -For aesthetics, use the different types of balance (asymmetrical, synetrical, convergence). In this photo, it seems like the photographer was going for an asymmetrical look. But there is no 3rd element to help show perspective on the left side. This brings me to another point. -Do things in odd numbers (3s, 5s, etc). This makes for a better composition. You have only 2 elements in this comp, the couple and the background. If there was another element added, it would be more interesting/unique. As far as lighting, it is difficult to have good lighting in the natural world. It also depends on the camera. So don't let this worry you to much. You can just play around with natural lighting to get better at it.

  • J-Dawn
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    9 years ago

    Selina, if I could give you a thousand thumbs up I would. It's truly amazing that people think that great photos come from expensive cameras and editing programs rather than actual talent and skill. Which is why there are so many "professional" photographers out there (the ones that get DSLR cameras under the Christmas tree, etc.).

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  • Ara57
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    9 years ago

    In addition to the very good comments already received, I will just point out that it is unlikely that your friend's photos are in any way "professional" looking. Unless the professional you are talking about consists of the many new camera owners who have a "business" on FB. Go here and browse the images so you will at least know what good/excellent photography looks like:

    I do not know any pros who used Picnik to "edit".

  • 9 years ago

    Let me put my answer in the form of a story, or parable:

    There is an episode of The Simpsons, quite an old one but memorable and to the point, where Bart acquires an expensive Guitar. He cannot, needless to say, make it produce anything resembling music. Nevertheless, he decides to take it to school. He is boarding the school bus when the driver, Otto, admires it: 'hey, great axe, man!' Bart: 'Yeah, but it's broken. It won't play.' Otto: 'Here, let me try.' Otto takes the guitar from Bart and unleashes a riff worthy of Hendrix. Otto: 'Seems ok to me, L'il Dude!'

    There is a lesson here for you. See if you can work out what it might be.

  • 9 years ago

    Read what selina wrote three more times.

  • 9 years ago

    Read what Hondo said. Once will do, if you do what he says.

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