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I have no friends anymore...?

okay, so when I was in school, I had 2 best friends...we would do everything together and we got along very well. But the thing is, that I play tennis...and in order to be able to dedicate more time to my training I am now homeschooling. I also have a best friend that's my neighbor but she moved away, we never see each other, and we don't talk as much, maybe a few times a month if we're lucky.

I have a few friends from my tennis training but nothing special...because all the girls I get along with from tennis train in different places than I do. I'm very social and a really nice person, and I usually get along with anybody...but it's been quite some time since I don't have, like...true friends. I made a Facebook account which I've had for a few months since I left school to keep in touch with people...but no one talks to me...almost no one likes my pictures...everybody at school used to talk to me; but now; nothing. I've tried to start conversation with some of my old friends from school, they usually never reply or sound uninterested to talk to me. I've also tried to make friends with more people from tennis but I don't know...we've just never gotten to "click" well.

I don't know what's wrong...not to sound full of myself but i don't find myself ugly...i have a nice face, a great body, good hair, and a nice tan. I'm happy all the time, I'm nice to everybody...but since I left school, people have just stopped talking to me. Not even the 2 friends I had from school call me or text me, or ask to hang out with me anymore.

What should i do?

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    Be patient and try communicating with them again, maybe they are just busy with their school projects or something. The important thing is that you are trying to get in touch with them. As to your best friends, you must have missed them badly but there are times when friends come and go, you just have to adjust and find more interesting things to do like concentrate on your tennis training because I can sense that you have a great future in that sport.

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    People change and the people are school aren't exactly the way you remembered them. Plus what can they talk to you about, you won't be able to connect with any of the things happening at school or drama when they last hanged out. The best thing for you to do is find friends in your tennis group because you guys already have a common interest and spend so much time together or you can join a youth group or community groups for people your age.

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    add me on facebook and you will have most one friend,

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