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I have been crying myself to sleep becuase i am so lonely?

I am 24 and although i have dated a number of guys nothing lasted more than a month or two. Things would get intense fast and then it would end (usually at the guys doing).

I am sick of being alone. I Want a bf. People tell me to wait until I am ok being alone, but we are social creatures. I need the physical affection and emotional connection that comes with a relationship. I am having a really hard time being patient.

Lately I have been cryin myself to sleep. I recently almost dated someone I really like but becuase I am about to leave accross the country for grad school for 5 years we decided against dating. i was really upset about that.

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    I just can't understand why females in this country are rushing out to find love?... anyway, like what others have told you, you have to wait for the right guy to come to your life, rushing things out will only bring you more emotion disasters. Just hold on to what you have right now, enjoy your life being single, there's ton of possible ways for you to actually meet up with someone who you actually waiting for. but for now, enjoy what life have to offer for you - Freedom.

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