Help me get this girl!?

Hey I'm 14 and this year at the beginning of 8th grade I saw this girl who I thought was really hot. And I'm kinda popular so I thot I cud get her. And now it's summer and we hav Facebook chatted a but and she asked me if I'd rather txt and I said sure here's my number and gave it to her. She hasn't texted me yet and it's been a day. Also she hangs out with with some really low class weird chicks and she has been a normal kid her whole life until now and she's hot! What do I do in order to "get" this girl and not creep her out by messaging her again and saying something stupid. Also she would use multiple "!" points at the end of everything she said to me. Does this mean she has had enough of me or she is excited I can't tell? ****! Women are confusing

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    In my opinion you should call her, And confess whatever is on your mind.. Im sure she will appreciate the honesty and tell her that you like her.

    You cant just play that love game because it wont work.. Trust me

    Tell her straight up "Hey i like you,You are beautiful and i would like to know if you want to go out"

    Im sure this will help.



    Source(s): Personal Experience
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I recommend leaving her alone ;)

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