If a type of gun gets banned then does the govt take them away from private hands or just prohibit exchange?

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    9 years ago
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    If the gun was sold prior to the ban you can own it buy it or resell it,

    Look up expostfacto law , government can't charge you for doing or having something that was legal to have at the time it was first purchased,

    Not sure I would rely on this information in California , they don't recognize the constitution

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    9 years ago

    It depends on the government which banned it.

    In the US during the 94 Assault Weapon ban? nope, it became worth 10x's as much. No kidding! I watched STANDARD capacity Glock mags sell for $125 a piece and people paid it.

    I still have a few mags that say *Restricted LE/Gov use only.

    In Australia, they "asked" you to turn them in and then they destroyed them. Funny thing in Down Under when that happened........hardware stores couldn't keep 6 inch pvc on the shelves.(you may or may not know what I'm talking about)

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